Classes of Mesozoa

Mesozoa is a small and enigmatic phylum of animals that includes a relatively small number of species. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, Mesozoa is divided into two classes: Rhombozoa (Class Rhombozoa): Rhombozoans are microscopic parasitic organisms that are primarily found in the kidneys and reproductive organs of marine invertebrates, such as … Read more

Mesozoans Phylum Mesozoa Examples, Characteristics Orders

Where Mesozoans found? The mesozoans are tiny parasitic animalcules found in certain marine invertebrates. Orders of Mesozoans Dicyemida Orthonectida Simple multicellular structure has provoked much speculation about their place in any systematic classification of the animal kingdom. How Mesozoans infect the kidneys? In a way still unknown, the worm-like dicyemids infect the kidneys of young squids … Read more